Cheese Exchanges

Is this a situation you've experienced? You have several cheeses in the refrigerator and you're in the mood for a particular recipe, but you don't have the cheese the recipe calls for. You don't want to buy more cheese until your current "stock" diminishes a bit. What to do? Fear not! It's possible—even easy—to substitute some cheeses for others with very good results.

Here are our suggestions for Wisconsin cheese substitutions. We're not promising the dish will taste the same, but we think it will taste very good, and the texture of the suggested cheeses will be fine as well. Certainly, not having a specific cheese shouldn't prevent you from creating a winning dish for everyday occasions. When ethnic authenticity is important, or you want to emulate exactly a chef's dish, it's best to buy the specified cheese.

Can't find the cheese you want for your menu item? Enter the name of the cheese below and we'll help you find an exchange.