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Master Cheesemaker Directory - MM0500

The cheeses created by Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers have been judged among the finest in the world. Request this guide to help you learn more about these cheesemakers and how to contact them.


Wisconsin Cheesecyclopedia™ - CH1200

Cheesemakers in Wisconsin produce over 600 varieties, types and styles of cheese. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board created the Cheesecyclopedia Study Course to explore these cheeses and provide practical information about how to profit from your investment in cheese.
Don't want to wait? Use our free online Cheesecyclopedia™ course and receive a Certificate of Achievement upon successfully completing the course!


Simply Sensational - CH2410

A resource booklet featuring menu and merchandising ideas that sell. This publication covers all things Wisconsin cheese: accompaniments, trays, plates, courses, boards, carts, beverage pairings, and dessert. A great resource for food and beverage professionals. Don't want to wait? View Simply Sensational online now. (Will open in a new window.)


The Basics of Wisconsin Dairy - CH2053

Category overview of Wisconsin Cheese and dairy products.
Don't want to wait? Download now.


Laminated Variety Chart - CH4522

22" x 28" laminated poster offering information on over 30 cheese varieties.


Wisconsin Cheese Variety Chart Brochure - CH4520

This standard brochure offers information on over 30 cheese varieties along with storage and handling guidelines with information for cheese course success. This brochure refills KIT4521. Order in quantities of 50.


Variety Chart Counter Card and Brochures - KIT4521

8" x 10" one-sided counter display with 50 Wisconsin Cheese variety chart brochures included.


Laminated Wisconsin Cheese Pairings That Please - CH2024

Laminated 11 1/4' X 8 3/4' guide on how to host a Wisconsin cheese tasting with complementary wine, beer and accompaniments.


Pairings That Please Guide - CH2025

Guide on how to host a Wisconsin Cheese tasting with complementary wine, beer and accompaniments.

Download a PDF version.


Picks & Bites Brochure - CH4700

Easy and elegant tastes from sweet to savory. A special collection of simple creations using Wisconsin Cheese. Brochure available in the following formats: