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Wisconsin Cheese
on Pizza

Wisconsin Ice Cream

Wisconsin Mac and Cheese

Wisconsin Grilled Cheese

Wisconsin Cheese
on Burgers

Wisconsin Cheese
on Sandwiches

Wisconsin Cheese Curds

Wisconsin Cheese
for Breakfast

Wisconsin Cheese
on Italian Menus

Wisconsin Cheese
on Salads

Technomic U.S. Food Industry
Forecast - July 2016

Technomic Top 500
Infographic - 2016

In addition to the latest foodservice trends illustrated in the infographics above, WMMB has several cheese-in-foodservice studies available. Our proprietary market research reports are free and are available for Wisconsin dairy companies, as well as to WMMB's qualifying foodservice partners.

If you would like to request one or more of the reports below, select the report(s) of interest, and fill out the contact information below.