Wisconsin Cheese Blends Calculator


With so many delicious cheeses out there, why limit yourself to just one?

Everyone knows that when it comes to cheese, the maxim "less is more" simply does not apply. Our cheese blend tool can help you come up with a delicious blend for just about any application, including pizza, pasta, cheese breads, salads and more. Simply choose the number of cheeses you want and you'll get information on the performance, flavor profile and ratios you'll need to deliver the best combination possible—as well as an estimated cost.

Why Wisconsin cheese?

Consumers want flavor, and today, more than ever, you need a competitive advantage. When you choose Wisconsin Cheese, you get more award-winning varieties, types and styles of cheese than any other region of the world, for truly endless flavor possibilities. Unmatched in quality, only Wisconsin cheeses have consistent melt and stretch properties—for full flavor, texture and appetite appeal.

The ABC's of blending cheese.

There are many factors to consider when selecting cheeses for your blend, such as fat content and acidity, melt and browning ability, stretch, oiling off and more. Additionally, the age of a cheese, how it's stored and how it's cooked can all have an impact on your blend's flavor and texture. As a general rule of thumb, blended cheeses with similar melt characteristics will perform better together than those with less similar characteristics.


Ready to blend?

We have well over 500 blends to share. Here are two popular standard cheese blends to help you get started:

Brick and Smoked Gouda

Mild, buttery Brick meets earthy Smoked Gouda for a robust, full-flavored blend that goes well with red wine, ale or beer.

Brick: 60%
Smoked Gouda: 40%

Sharp Cheddar, Mozzarella and Provolone

Together, Mozzarella and Provolone are a match made in melt and stretch heaven. Mozzarella's soft, creamy texture, Provolone's full flavor and the sharp taste of a well-aged Cheddar round out this flavorful, versatile combination.

Sharp Cheddar: 40%
Mozzarella: 30%
Provolone: 30%